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Weclome to the UK Social Gaming Community (UKSG)

Welcome to UKSG!

Creating a social team primarily based within the UK however all gamers globally are welcome to join, we ask that all members use english when chatting. 

We support all gaming genres and hope to bring together players who are looking to find more people to game with around the UK. Join in gameplay with us or chat amongst the steam group! 

Once we have become established we will introduce further services to expand the ability to meet and socialise with other gamers! This may include services such as Game Servers, Voice Servers, Social Media Groups, UKSG Events and even Competitions! 

Help us become established by spreading the word and inviting your friends! This is your community keep it safe and let us make it the best for your gaming experience!

Don't forget to introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum! Let everyone know what games you like to play and when you play so they can add you to play together! 

Get socialising and we will see you in-game!

There are currently two servers hosted these are:-

TeanSpeak ts61.gameservers.com:9247
Counterstrike: Source - - Dust Maps Only 24/7


Thanks for all your donations, we greatly appreciate it!

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